A Our commitment to finding better ways of doing things extends into every inch of our business. From our bespoke data-driven collection, to our swift retrieval services designed just for your business, we do things differently.

And, you’ll only pay for the services you use, not our entire infrastructure. We then pass on the savings to you.

We endeavour to create a partnership with each of our clients, providing them with the solutions that they need to keep their documents in the safest hands (regardless of the document format).

We understand that records management should be flexible, and give you space to grow and adapt to evolving processes within your business.

A Absolutely. We develop all of our services to maximise environmental benefits.

Our document storage process stores your data closer to your centre of operation, reducing the miles that physical information travels.

Our confidential shredding service recycles over 95% of its output. Once paper is shredded beyond any possible recognition and reconstruction to DIN66399 Level 4, the output is then recycled to manufacture kitchen roll, cardboard and other paper-based products.

And it’s very important that we only choose suppliers who share our approach to the environment.

A Our service covers the majority of the Midlands and North West. From our base in Stoke-on-Trent we are ideally situated to provide our services within a 60-mile radius, which includes Manchester, Liverpool and surrounding areas. If you’re not sure whether we cover your area, contact us.

A We operate bespoke pricing solutions for our clients and charge per archive box. We don’t hide our prices in cubic feet calculations like many operators.

These boxes are stored in our specially designed secure storage facilities to make the most efficient use of space (you’re not limited to ceiling heights – this is often the case with traditional self-storage facilities).

Smaller businesses can also benefit from our dedicated SME packages, designed to ensure compliance and implement disaster recovery best practice (and reduce costs!).

Most importantly, we tailor each price structure to your business’s needs. Get in touch and see how we can help you.

A Very fast. All of our clients benefit from standard next working day retrievals.

Simply order the file or box you need before 4pm, and have it delivered from off-site storage the following day.

For those files which are needed in an emergency, we offer guaranteed 3-hour document retrieval to your premises.

A Security of your information is our number one priority. The risks of data security breaches in businesses are well publicised and growing.

Our facilities are compliant with all professional indemnity policies, allowing you to protect your business and comply with your duty of care.

Our facilities have state-of-the-art intruder and fire detection, which is monitored 24 hours a day. Staff members are all DBS-checked and drive GPS-tracked vehicles. Our business is built to provide peace of mind.

A No. Our systems and processes are designed to seamlessly integrate with your current filing systems. Of course, if it helps, we can advise, consult and improve where necessary, however our approach is that we simply build on what works for your business. We can provide many retrieval benefits and added services, such as reducing manual handling by delivering and returning files from within boxes, or maintaining simplicity by delivering the entire box.