A The Data Protection Act and GDPR (from May 2018) governs every company regardless of size or industry. Each business has a duty of care to protect the information of its customers, employees and suppliers.

Confidential information that must be destroyed securely could be contained in any of the following documents:

  • Legal documents
  • Employment records
  • Financial records and bank statements
  • Medical records
  • Receipts
  • Tax information
  • Correspondence
  • Customer records
  • Credit card details
  • Internal company records
  • Purchase orders
  • Case files
  • Notebooks

However, this isn’t an exhaustive list.

A rule we request clients to apply is to shred anything that contains any names, addresses, phone numbers and financial information.

We encourage all our clients to treat all information as if it was their own.

We provide a full range of off-site shredding options. We can provide you with;

  • 240L lockable wheeled bins for flexibility and ease of use for your staff when dealing with confidential waste
  • 660L lockable wheeled bins for all the benefits of the standard-sized bins with added convenience for larger, bulk jobs
  • Secure shredding bags and ties for a multi-purpose solution across your office
  • Lockable shredding consoles that blend into your office surroundings and are emptied on a regular basis.

We can provide both re-useable poly sacks or paper-based self-seal bags, which you fill up when you are having a clear out. Or we can collect archive boxes you have on-site and shred these. Our services are genuinely flexible, completely convenient and built with the customer in mind.

A Not at all. Industrial shredding machines are designed to cope with small amounts of metal, whereas general office shredders are not. We can sort your confidential waste at our premises, recycling as much of it as possible.

A Absolutely. Our shredding service includes the provision of a Certificate of Destruction for every job we do. It is a requirement of the Data Protection Act to keep a Certificate of Destruction for all information that must be disposed of securely.

A We know that many offices have their own shredders, but it is often false economy.

We guarantee that in the vast majority of businesses, there is a lot of information waiting for someone to disposing of it. The hidden cost of having staff shred data can increase the cost of the process by 50% compared with an outsourced provider, whilst simultaneously improving the process.

Health and safety risks associated with office shredders mean that they must be very well maintained, especially as they get older. Put simply, free up time to spend it on what you do best, and let us do what we do best.

A Our clients range from large corporations to individuals working from home. From as little as a single bag to many tonnes of paperwork, we have flexible options for all requirements.

As the Data Protection Act makes little distinction between the size of business and the requirements of the regulation, we believe that no one should be excluded from a secure, compliant and cost effective service through size. We pride ourselves on the range of businesses we work with.

A We differ from every other company in the industry in that we review your requirements on a regular basis. We use the data from your collections to analyse and provide recommendations on how to optimise your service. It may be an additional console, moving one of your consoles to another location or increasing or reducing the regularity of your service.