It’s vital that the public sector is able to maintain information credibility and find ways to reduce costs.

We work with a range of organisations within the public sector to minimise compliance burdens and reduce costs through data-driven analysis of document lifecycle management.

We create time

Through scanning and digitising, we make information available quickly and minimise retrieval time. We can also help to create a full chain of custody and audit trail from record creation to confidential disposal at end of lifecycle.

We’re more than just secure storage

Public sector organisations must manage a huge range of information, with different types being governed by different regulations. Chaffinch Document offers a proactive approach, working closely with your compliance departments. By helping identify and manage security gaps, our services extend far beyond simply secure storage.

Freeing up internal space, we reduce costs

With many local authorities and public bodies seeking to make more efficient use of their buildings, we help reduce storage costs by freeing up internal space for more productive activities.

Our full-service collection and retrieval service significantly reduces the number of lost staff hours in searching for misplaced information. By allowing internal staff to focus on their core responsibilities, it reduces the risk of potentially costly mistakes when managing information.