The legal sector demands a service that is able to manage large amounts of information securely. The need to streamline processes, reduce costs and create audit trails is also essential.

We’re able to meet all of these objectives. Our service also offers flexible retrieval options including emergency deliveries. And of course, we’re compliant with data protection and insurance requirements. We can provide advice on document management and retention cycles too.

We understand that you’re governed by complex legislation

The differing lifecycles for conveyancing, litigation, finance and probate can make it difficult to streamline operations. Chaffinch Document works with a wide range of firms from UK Top 100, to high street independents, using our expertise to provide efficiency savings in a number of processes.

Our services meet your demands

There’s no need to bend your needs to fit our services. When managing archiving, we can work with your existing practices, ensuring a seamless transition.

Our document storage and secure shredding services are built to manage large volumes of confidential information. We’re able to remove the burden of sending staff to manage bulging archive rooms, along with the health and safety risks that go with it.

We celebrate simplicity

Simple and secure archive storage processes free up fee-earners’ time to focus on revenue generation and billable activities. In a rapidly evolving world, putting the right amount of emphasis on convenient services can greatly enhance profitability

We give you consistency

Whether you operate a single site practice, or service multiple offices in different locations, our services ensure that your organisation works to the same processes and the same levels of competence. With flexible collection and retrieval options including standard next working day, scheduled or urgent deliveries, you can rest assured that your requirements will be met.