Efficiency and organisation are of paramount importance within the insolvency sector. It’s vital for Insolvency Practitioners and Solicitors to have seamless document destruction and storage solutions in place to tackle the challenges that they face.

We work with a number of clients in the insolvency sector, providing them with a comprehensive storage and shredding service to cover all of their necessary requirements.

You’ll only ever pay for what you need

We’re also able to index documents and implement a pro-active document lifecycle management system. This ensures that information is destroyed when it’s reached the end of its lifecycle - storage isn’t paid for when it’s not needed.

Flexible retrieval options and emergency deliveries are part of the service too, so if there’s something needed right away, we’ll retrieve it instantly.

We reduce your internal overheads

Our Insolvency specific range includes clearing the site of documents, UK-wide collections and competitively priced high quality archive boxes. Also, jobs are completed sooner because we take on the labour intensive tasks.