The NHS, private healthcare, doctors surgeries, care homes, dentists and other healthcare providers demand a service that keeps their patients information safe. Full protection of patient medical records as well as centralised access to information is also essential to operate a streamlined service.

It is vital that processes are put in place to protect patient confidentiality. We work with the healthcare sector to make sure that services are complying with data protection obligations.

We reduce administrative burdens

We’ve created a streamlined process for healthcare providers to access records quickly, reducing administrative burdens. In an increasingly cost-driven environment, building a records management process to look after medical records is essential to controlling costs. A well-planned hybrid document management system has both upstream and downstream care benefits, avoiding costly IT failures.

We comply with all regulatory requirements

As a fully certified destruction process, our shredding service complies with all regulatory requirements governing the disposal of information. As standard, collection is included.

We minimise demands on staff resource

More staff resource can be allocated to patient care – we take charge of confidentially destroying documents beyond recognition. Outsourcing the shredding of documents to Chaffinch Document reduces the risk of security breaches, as files are not left waiting for destruction on your premises.