Education and Training organisations are governed by stringent data protection regulations. Many fines resulting from breaches of the Data Protection Act surround information concerning young people in education or training.

We’re able to reduce the risk of costly data protection breaches through secure document management and confidential destruction. We’ve also worked with clients in the education and training sector to reduce storage space costs and protect pupil and student records through good working practices.

We create space

With the ever-increasing burden facing educational institutions and the need to improve strategies governing estates, our storage facilities free up space by moving historical records offsite.

Our business is your security

We advise on a wide range of hybrid solutions to further underpin disaster recovery policies. Our digital scanning service is comfortable working on large projects to transition information into digital formats.

We facilitate good practice

Organisations within the Education and Training sector deal with a vast amount of personal data, from suppliers to local authorities and from students to parents. Good practice dictates that securely disposing of files, correspondence and any other records that may contain personal data, is a key part of your duty of care.