Our digital scanning service is built to manage the transition of vital documents from physical to digital in a secure and cost-effective process. Digital files help to reduce the wasted time spent searching for information, and foster a more collaborative working environment.

We can scan nearly every format of information, with the most common sizes being A4 and A3. However, we have access to a range of equipment to scan larger sizes such as A0 drawings.

Our services range from large projects scanning historical files, regular services and ad-hoc work. We ensure that you benefit from a fully quality-controlled process and indexing, with a clear and transparent pricing structure.

Our approach is to provide an impartial consultation as to the most cost-efficient system. For example, rarely accessed documents can be scanned on demand as and when they are needed, to minimise conversion costs.

The optimal process for your business will most likely involve a bespoke mix of physical and electronic document management.

All files are securely collected scanned, stored and made available for you to access at anytime. Scanning documents provides more efficient filing and secure access with a full audit trail.