A Organisations across the UK spend significant sums on customised stationary, gifts and other products. Often, these can be discarded or forgotten about quickly in the vast quantities of custom pens each person carried. A LogoBox turns an everyday necessity into an extension of your brand, with little or no extra cost to a standard archive box. So whether a legal firm use them to present a professional image when sending paperwork to clients, or charity increasing awareness of their valuable work, we support clients in many different ways.

A We can supply a bespoke archive box from quantities upwards of 250 at exceptional pricing. Naturally, the unit cost reduces significantly with greater quantities, however we are experienced in supplying clients of all sizes. We can do quantities smaller than 250, however lower quantities are not able to benefit from economies of scale.

A No. Whilst many of our clients utilise our document storage service, we supply LogoBoxes as a standalone service. If you don’t have the space to store stock of your boxes, Chaffinch Document offers a wide range of flexible delivery options and will store the bulk of your stock to allow you to take deliveries in smaller quantities. We can also help monitor stock levels and advise on re-orders to ensure you never run out.

A Absolutely. Our brand is vital to our business and we believe that yours should be too. We work with some very large firms, working to their brand guidelines to ensure consistency with the rest of their marketing activities. We provide colour match swatches and design amendments, ensuring you are 100% happy with the design before production. Chaffinch Document’s attention to detail is one of our strongest characteristics. Successful brands make great clients.

A Once you have approved your design, delivery takes between 3-6 weeks. Our team helps to generate your design, and works with you from origination to delivery.