Working with a professional shredding company and scheduling regular data destruction can help ensure compliance with the requirements of GDPR and the recommendations of the ICO.  

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into effect on 25 May 2018, implements new requirements concerning the collection, processing, storage and disposal of personal data. GDPR is the first attempt to modernise data protection legislation to bring it into line with today’s society, following the huge impact that the internet and digital services have had on the way we live, work and shop.

Restoring the balance between the rights of an individual and the demands for digital services that depend on the processing of personal information is a key target of GDPR. It will apply to any organisation doing business in the EU, and the UK government has published the UK Data Protection Bill which will enshrine all key elements of GDPR following Brexit.

Many businesses and organisations will need to implement or strengthen their processes surrounding the retention and disposal of data. Until now, many organisations have retained files for longer than the legal retention periods required. Under GDPR, they will need to implement a process to ensure that information is retained for as long as required, and importantly, that documents are destroyed promptly. 

Under the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) recommendations, data disposal is one of the areas to be examined under and audit. It is captured under heading “Records Management”. Auditors will review aspects such as retention schedules, destruction policies, Certificates and audit trails. Shredding companies such as Chaffinch Document offer several service options that are compliant with GDPR and ICO guidelines. Shredding services are suitable for both large organisations and small independent businesses. Chaffinch Document can offer regular shredding collections, in line with your retention processes.

Our regular, scheduled shredding services start from just £99 per year. They are suitable for all sizes of business, regardless of the volume of paper shredding that is required.

To find out how the document storage and secure shredding services that Chaffinch Document provides can help achieve compliance with the new regulation please call 01782 437131 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..