Smarter use of space. Better use of time. Here’s how document storage could unlock hidden savings in your business.

Growing businesses in any industry often face similar challenges. Such as financing growth, upgrading processes and retaining staff. Almost every organisation we speak to has had to face the question of whether they need to expand into bigger premises, at some time or another.

This is often a very positive outcome and a tangible sign that business is good. However, the costs involved in moving offices can soon build, with a corresponding impact on cashflow and bottom line.

Professional service businesses, with their reliance on information as the main currency in their organisation, face this challenge regardless of how long they have been established.

Chaffinch Document provides cost effective offsite document storage solutions to organisations across a range of industries. On average, over 16% of office floorspace is utilised for storing documents. We allow organisations to make more cost-effective use of space by using off site archive storage. Maybe enough to unlock the space to increase the number of fee-earners bringing revenue into the business.

Our un-rivalled document retrieval and collection service helps reduce internal staffing costs when compared with self-managed and on-site document storage solutions. The hidden costs of self-managing a storage solution are abundant. Staff time searching for documents, the health and safety implications if staff need to use ladders, the manual handling training to avoid costly compensation claims and an inefficient destruction processes are all hidden costs to your business.

We specialise in regional, fast-growing professional services businesses. The need to utilise cashflow to finance growth makes an office move a very difficult sell to stakeholders until it is absolutely necessary.

For example, we have helped support the growth of one of our clients from a regional firm into a Top 70 legal practice, through our integrated document storage services. Lower reliance on a team of legal secretaries to retrieve information has resulted in a reduced in fee-earner “downtime” and allowed the business to allocate resources to fund growth.

Each client of Chaffinch Document receives a tailored service to suit their needs, with innovative and flexible document storage solutions helping reduce overheads and unlock savings to help organisations concentrate on what they do best.

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