Protect yourself… Why secure shredding could save your business.

It’s easily done. Tearing that document in half and throwing it in the bin alongside the rest of your waste. Or mistakenly leaving documents on the train. Perhaps your third party office cleaners empty your confidential waste bins. We’ve all read the horror stories in the news.

Fraud is now the largest reported crime in the UK with almost 6 million reported cases. In the digital age it may surprise you to know that only 2 million of these were computer misuse offences. According to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), simply your name, address and date of birth are enough to create a new “you”.

The risks of identity theft are well-publicised. So, how can confidential shredding help protect you and your business?

The ICO advises that anything containing a name, address or other personal information should be securely shredded. As a business, not only do you have a responsibility to protect your own information, you are also held responsible for any information you have about customers or suppliers.

Aside from the tangible risks of data theft, the reputation risk to your businesses resulting from a valued customer’s data being compromised could be catastrophic.

Chaffinch Document provides a full service secure shredding service, with a chain of security from the moment we collect your information from your premises. Not only that, you receive a certificate of destruction to assert your compliance with regulation.

And the best part? It is empirically-proven that outsourcing your shredding is up to 40% more cost-effective than doing it internally.

Reduce risk. Be compliant. Save money.

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